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10 Ways To Earn Extra Money During The Holiday Season

There is always a need for extra money during the holiday season. This year it is likely even worse for some people, as the nation and world struggle to come back from a worldwide pandemic and its significant financial repercussions.

No matter what has happened this year – or maybe even because of what happened – the want to make the holidays fantastic for those around you is intensified. Below are ten of the top ways to earn extra cash during the holidays.

Earn Some Extra Cash This Holiday Season

1. Work Retail

There is no time when there are more hires in the retail industry than there are during the holiday season. These are generally the most consistent and numerous seasonal jobs available to you. They typically need help with all aspects from front-end to warehouse work, so applying now will get you a longer-term money-making holiday job now.

2. Start Babysitting

This time of year is extra stressful and busier for parents. They are running from place to place, trying to shop, run to parties, meet play dates, and complete regular household errands. There are all sorts of things they have to go to such as pageants and recitals, seeing Santa, and caroling.

If you are good with kids, offering babysitting services is a great way to make some extra money throughout the holiday season. Offer more than regular babysitting. If you can group some of your friends, offer a parents' night out for a group of those parents in your life.

3. Start An Errand Service

It is not only parents that have to be in multiple places at once. We all are running around securing flights or other travel plans, planning dinners, getting the house ready for guests – various tasks that pull us in different directions.

And while it is impossible to be in multiple places at once, we can, however, hire someone to be in those places for us. If you have extra time, love helping people and run errands like a boss, then starting a service running errands during the busiest time of the year may be the best way for you to make a lot of spending cash.

4. Sell Your Old Belongings

Not only can selling your old stuff help you make money during this time of the year, but it is can also make room for potential new items you’ll receive. With the gifting season coming up you are likely going to be getting new stuff. Make space and make some money at the same time. If you have kids, selling stuff is going to help you out as the little ones receive gifts from all their loved ones.

5. Make And Sell Crafts

If you are a crafty person, you have a way to make good holiday money. Getting people to craft items for the holidays has exploded in popularity in recent years. It makes for a great side business and you get your name out there in the crafting world. Who knows, it could grow into an actual business full-time.

6. Offer Household-Related Services

You can always offer services to help people around their homes during this busy time of the year. Many people may need help to winterize or at least close up their homes for winter. Or they need help deep cleaning their home before their guests arrive for the holiday dinner. If you can offer any of these services, you could be looking at a decent side gig.

7. Pick Up Overtime

You don’t always have to add a second job to make extra cash. Many businesses have overtime hours during this time of the year. It never hurts to ask your boss if there is some overtime available. If you do not mind more of your regular job, then this may be a possibility for you. And the extra hours can help you make quite a lot of additional money.

8. Start Some Gig Work

There are a lot of gig jobs out there in today’s world. You can sign up for ride-share services, food deliveries, even grocery shopping for others. There is no end to what people will pay for to get it off of their list – especially during a time of year when people are always running from one chore to the next.

9. Offer Freelancing Services

Like gig work, there are a lot of places that you can sign up to freelance. During this time of year, the number of freelancing jobs skyrocket. From writing pageants to designing holiday cards, you can find a job that suits your talent in many different areas. And just like with crafting, if you find the right fit, it could grow into something more.

10. Event Planning

Planning events – especially during the holidays – could prove to be a decent side gig. People are setting up dinners and holiday parties all around. If you know your way around planning a great event, then event planning could be the right fit. While people do go to school to become an event planner, there’s no reason why you couldn’t offer up your event planning talents.


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